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Data Analyst



IT, Data Science
Paris, France
Posted on Wednesday, September 6, 2023

We’re building analytics engines based on our data platform to increase the performance of our channels and to make data-informed decisions for our future creations. We rely on data from Youtube APIs to provide our digital and creative teams with capabilities to better identify business opportunities, to understand audiences and kids entertainment content trends, and to recommend optimizations for our IPs.

Animaj is now looking for a Data Analyst to:

  • model and understand the what drives the performance of our contents on different platforms

  • influence new creations thanks to deep content analysis

  • understand and model trends in the kids entertainment ecosystem on Youtube

  • model audience interests by country and age group

You will report to the VP of Engineering and will collaborate closely with the tech team and support our digital and creative teams in their day to day objectives.

This is a great opportunity to join an entrepreneurial adventure at an early stage and to introduce data-driven insights to animation content creation and distribution.


  • Content Performance Analysis. Perform analysis on our channels and content performance (viewers, watchtime, user retention….), across our different IPs to evaluate their success. Evaluate kids' entertainment trends and audience interests across our different IPs to inform our creative team for new content creation.

  • Audience Modeling: Utilize our data to predict what types of content or features can keep our audience engaged for longer periods.

    • Use data analytics to better understand our audience through trending themes, characters, or formats in the kids’ entertainment space. Translate these insights into actionable strategies for our existing and future IPs.
    • Utilize our data to predict what types of content or features can keep our audience engaged for longer periods.
  • Metadata Optimization: Analyze metadata of existing content to identify optimization opportunities for our channels (metadata, publishing cadence etc) through in-depth analysis

  • Cross-Departmental Reports: Regularly produce clear and concise data reports, vizualization, and actionable insight to non-technical team members to explain variation in the performance of our IPs on the different platforms

  • Ad Performance & Monetization: Collaborate with our digital team to evaluate the performance of various ad formats and revenue models against our content. Offer insights to maximize revenue through strategic ad roll placements without compromising the kids' experience.

Revenue Prediction: Use predictive analytics to forecast revenue streams on YouTube and other social media platforms. Identify seasonality trends, potential growth areas, and risks to inform budgeting and financial planning.