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IT, Operations
Sydney, NSW, Australia · Sydney, NSW, Australia
Posted on Tuesday, July 11, 2023

IT Operations Manager @ Hnry

Sydney, AU
We're looking for a motivated, energetic IT Manager to join our growing team. You’ll play a key role in ensuring the smooth running of our systems - balancing day-to-day operations with leading the evolution of our systems as we grow. We’re growing fast, and are focused on building well-designed, scalable & robust systems to support our team across numerous locations.

🚀 Responsibilities

Keeping our day-to-day IT operations running well, supporting your colleagues alongside our third-party IT partner
Planning, leading and championing change across the organisation, ensuring our systems grow and evolve as we do
Managing our core information systems and hardware
Monitoring the performance and user experience of systems, making recommendations for improvement
Defining longer term IT strategy and processes
Engaging with key stakeholders and other members of the organisation, analysing business requirements to develop solutions
Maintaining and evolving our information security approach, controls and effectiveness, ensuring security of customer and business data
Managing and directing our third-party IT partner
Collaborating and supporting other members of the wider Hnry team

How we work

We are a fast-moving, highly collaborative and motivated company, that is growing quickly
Our key IT tools include Google Workspace, Jumpcloud and 1Password, and we use both Windows and Mac devices.
We take a data-driven approach to everything we do, making decisions based on user behaviour - constantly tweaking and optimising to improve.
We follow agile practices, delivering improvements iteratively in small chunks. We track the impact of our work and measure ourselves based on delivering tangible contributions towards agreed targets.
We encourage experimentation - whether that's experimenting with new tools or techniques, or experimenting with new technologies
We invest in our people, and provide opportunities for career growth and progression
We work hard and we finish on time, no crazy hours.

About you

You will:
Have 3+ years experience working in IT operations
Be a self-motivated team-player, driven to achieve, and excited by challenges
Be flexible and open to change, with a strong desire to achieve the best within a constantly evolving environment
Approach challenges with a curious mindset and empathy for the team, always considering the impact of changes
Actively monitor systems, identify problems and propose solutions
Have excellent communication and collaboration skills — we work together and succeed as a team
Bonus points for the following:
Experience creating and maintaining systems within rapidly scaling environments and fast-paced teams
Experience being self-employed (freelancing, contracting etc) in any industry/profession

How to apply

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